craig & derricott

Established in 1944 Craig and Derricott is a British Manufacturer of control gear products with a reputation for engineering expertise, customer service and well proven products. In February 2008 the company was acquired by Victory Transformers and Switchgear of India. Victory is a well established family owned company specializing in Power and Distribution Transformers based in Hyderabad with several other factories also in India. Since being acquired Craig and Derricott have engaged in a program of investment and growth with significant recruitment across the business in Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing. New products are being progressively introduced along with other significant product upgrades and enhancements.


I - switch Isolation Equipment

Craig & Derricott has been at the forefront of switchgear design and manufacture for more than 60 years, and in that time the requirements of the installer & end user have always been paramount in the design concept. This attitude has culminated in the design of the 'i-switch' range where a wider choice of products has been offered to the customer, all of which are simple to install and provide the user with a product that is safe and effective in use.


I - Push Control Stations

The range of enclosed control stations is offered in various enclosure materials such as polycarbonate, die-cast aluminium & stainless steel. There is a selection to suit most applications, however if your requirement is for an assembley built to your own specification then please contact our technical sales staff who will be pleased to discuss your needs.



I - Push Control Stations

Hand operated rotary switches provide the most cost effective method of solving complex contact switching functions. However, every item of electrical equipment needs a method of disconnecting it safely from the supply, and here again, the rotary switch with positive break contacts, performs that function effectively.


I - grab Grabwire Switches

Grabwire switches enables the provision of continuous Emergency Stop protection for operators over long distances. When correctly installed, the requirements of BS EN 13850 are met in full.

Designed originally for conveyor installations, these products are extremely versatile and can easily be adapted to cover many applications. A stainless steel housed option allows this scope to be extended to food preparation, pharmaceutical, brewing and rugged outdoor environment areas.


I - press Press Switches

Under the common heading of 'i-press' we show both mechanical and foot operated limit switches.

The mechanically operated devices are all heavy duty limit switches and supplied in moulded or die-cast bodies. Various actuating heads make them eminently suitable for a wide variety of process control functions.

The foot operated limit switches or footswitches are from one of the worlds leading specialists 'Linemaster'. Only manufacturing foot operated devices, Linemaster have vast experience in the design and ergonomics associated with these devices.


Mi-switch Bespoke Design

We design and produce a vast range of special and bespoke products covering a wide range of applications. Taking advantage of our in house resources we can supply variations to our catalogue products or design and develop completely new special products from scratch. CAD modeling & rapid prototyping can be arranged along with full environmental testing according to the needs of the specification.

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