Exothermic Welding System

Kumwell Exothermic Welding is the most efficient method of making quality electrical connections, between copper-to-copper or copper-to-steel conductors and surfaces. These weld connections can be used in Grounding & Lightning Protection systems, Cathodic protection, Railway signaling applications etc. The complete kit comprises Graphite Mould, Weldmetal Powder, Handle Clamp, Flint Gun Ignitor, Cleaning Brushes & Scraper tools. While most standard sizes are available ex-stock, we offer the quickest delivery time for any size and quantity of joints, and can be easily compared to known equivalents like Furse-weld, Cadweld and Thermo-weld.


  ∙ Graphite Mould
∙ Handle Clamp
∙ Cable Clean Brush
∙ Mould Brush
∙ Bus Bar Brush
∙ Weld Metal Powder
∙ Flint Gun Igniter
∙ Scraper
∙ Cable Clamp
∙ Disk Container