Ex Enclosures
ROSE Ex enclosure systems for global application in gas and dust Ex areas with fitted electrics / electronics

• Ex empty enclosures: for individual configurations with electronics and electromechanics
• Ex e / ia junction boxes: for power distribution
• Ex control stations: individual customizable units control
• Ex d flame proof enclosure systems


Aluminium Ex Enclosures Aluminium Ex e Aluminium Ex ia Aluminium Ex empty

Ex stainless steel enclosure with hinged lid
High-quality enclosure systems for aggressive areas according ATEX and IEC Ex - directives

• Empty enclosures for individual fittings and Ex e / Ex ia junction boxes
• With covered hinges and double ward locks
• Optional version with window.

Stainless Steel Ex Enclosures Stainless Steel Ex Cabinets Stainless Steel Ex Enclosures Stainless Steel Ex Flange Enclosures
Stainless steel Prot Ex Flange enclosure Grinded    
Polyester Ex
Polyester enclosure system for application in all Ex areas. Production to EG guidelines 94/9 (ATEX 100a)
CombiBox Ex Okta-box Ex Polyester Ex  
Polyester Ex EnclosuresPolyester Ex FlangePolyester  
Ex Enclosures Polyester Ex OktaboxPolyester Ex for Mining  
Polyester Ex Cabinets      
Ex d Flame proof enclosure
Ex d Flame proof enclosures from material aluminium for installation of non Ex approved equipment
• Possible combination of Ex e connection departments
Ex d II B Flame proof enclosures EJB Ex d II B Flame proof enclosures EJB INX Ex d II C flame proof enclosures GUB  
Ex d II C Flame proof enclosures GUB INX Ex d II C Instrumentation enclosures EMH9 Ex d II C Junction and distribution enclosures GUA-EAHF  
Ex d II B Control Stations EFG Ex d II B Selector switch stations EFSC218 M310 Ex d II B Circuit breaker and earth leakage circuit breaker stations
Ex d II B Thermal magnetic motor
protection EFSC218 SMT
Ex d II Push buttons / Control stations EFDC / EFSC    
Ex Control Stations
Individual fitting with push-buttons, switches and indicating diode lamps
Enclosures from material stainless steel, polyester and aluminium
Polyamid Ex Enclosures Plastic version Metal Version  
Cable glands
Industrial cable glands Ex-cableglands Blind Plug Ex
Ex-Drain plugs
Ex-cable glands Locknut    
Industrial enclosures
Standard enclosures Standard Control Stations Stainless steel enclosures
Hand held enclosures
Electronic enclosures Special Ex-Enclosures    
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